Guide to Buying Our Beds

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Advice and tips

Here at Bed factory we want to ensure you get the best sleeping experience, so we have put together a small collection of useful tips and advice so you get the best from your new bed or mattress.


All our bed frames are manufactured to ensure they last and provide you with the best sleeping experience. Bed frames, especially those with centre legs, if placed on laminate flooring will need some protection to keep the bed frame from moving and causing damage. Make sure when you assemble your new bed frame to lift the frame when moving, if you drag the frame it may cause damage, it is always advisable to have at least two people to help maneuver the frame into the correct position.


All divan beds manufactured by us in our workshop can be made with storage; the images of our products may show you the potential in purchasing extra storage with your bed however you can also have the divan as standard, if you see a divan bed you are interested in and want to enquire about fabrics and storage options don’t hesitate to get in touch and speak to our sales team, we have a great team here in our workshop who can build your dream bed.

Guest beds

We have our own guest bed section on our website accessible through the menu, however, we can make any of our own divan beds into guest beds in our workshop, we can do this specially just for you so get in touch if you like the look of a certain divan bed and require it to be turned into a guest bed.


To maximise the life span of your mattress, ensure you give it a few weeks to settle, when you upgrade your mattress, the change to a brand new freshly made one may feel a bit different to what you’re used to, give it time and we are sure you will experience new levels of comfort from your new mattress.

Turning and rotating

The best way of increasing the life span of your mattress is to make sure you turn and rotate, to begin with once a month and then less regularly after the first couple of months. This tip ensures that the bed receives even pressure over time so you don’t find the mattress becoming less supportive. If the bed you purchase states “no-turn” this means you don’t need to turn over the mattress, but always try and rotate it regularly.