Mattress Information


Mattress Information Guide.


Choosing the right mattress for your bed is an important decision, we at Bed Factory Direct manufacture and supply a variety of mattresses based on your requirements. We have used our years of experience as a bed manufactuer and customer feedback to develop a great selection using the finest materials including wool, cashmere, latex, silk and memory foam. We also supply many of the leading brands in Mattresses such as Sealy, Silentnight and Breasley.

Open coil mattresses are the most common type of mattress . In open coil there are columns of springs connected together creating the main internals of your mattress, the guage of these coils determine how hard or soft your mattress will be, for example a 12 guage spring will be firmer then a 13.5 guage spring. The springs are connected by helical wire which runs the length of each column. So the distance of coils in a spring, the thickness of the wire and the fillings used determine your mattress grade.

If you are looking for a soft open coil bed check out our Maestro, for a medium the Bolero and a firmer bed the Levanto


Pocket sprung mattresses differ from open coil mattresses because each spring is seperated into indervidual pockets so any pressure placed in one place will not effect other areas of the mattress, this creates individual sleeping zones on the bed. Sometimes reffered to as "anti roll" a pocket sprung mattress can include anywhere from 600 - 2000 individual springs depending on the mattress size.

We manufacture super soft pocket sprung models such as the super soft Tranquility, soft mattreses such as the Athena and medium Juipter mattresses. We also manufacture a range of orthopaedic beds, these are very firm beds often recommended for people with various back problems or just prefer a firmer mattress, in this case the Kingston would be highly recommended by us. 


Memory foam mattresses are great for offering both comfort and support. Normal springs push back against weight, memory foam allows weight to settle and offers a more gentle resistance. The mattress will mould to your body shape, in fact many pocket sprung and open coil mattresses now also have a layers of memory foam as a filling in addition to other materials to offer comfort. We offer fantastic value pack mattresses from the leading supplier of memory foam mattresses and many pocket sprung models with memory foam layers.



Zip & Link

If you share a bed with a partner and have different preferences on firmness, we can create any Kingsize pocket sprung divan beds as a zip and link. Zip and Link means both sides of the bed can have different feels, one side soft and one side hard for example, this usually carries a charge of around £50 and we urge you to contact us if you are interested in such a customisable bed.

We can also manufacture a mattress to your firmness specification such as our Siesta 1000 pocket and can have it with you in a couple of days.

Flame Retardant Mattresses

Here in the UK we have strict laws in place in order to control the flame resistancy of manufactured products for specific industries. For example a mattress being placed on a oil rig will need to have a higher flame resistancy than one for domestic use, we at the bedfactory manufacture a range of mattresses that conform to  BS4875 Part 7 1985.

These regulations have played an important part in improving safety, especially in hotels and hospitality industries. When manufacturing mattresses the consistancy and layering of materials enable a flame to smoulder and self extinguish. If you want an extra safe flame retardant mattress we have a good selection for sale, check out our Montana mattress or Dallas.


Mattress Feature Information.


Hand tufting is a traditonal way of making a matress, where tufts are pulled through the mattress at regular intervals, creating pockets of fillings. Hand tufted mattresses have a padded surface.

Bug resistant mattresses are hypo-allergenic, meaning they prevent dust mites and bed bugs therefore they are ideal for allergy sufferers but they are also ideal for promoting good health.

Mattresses that are hotel safe mean they conform to BS7177 Ignition source 5 or 7 standards for business use.

Pillow topped means an extra layer of material is sown on the top of the mattress. The material can be latex, memory foam, cotton or wool. Resulting in more comfort. 

Latex in its natural form derives from rubber trees, know for its elastic properties and durability. Comes either 100% latex or water based latex and is the closest thing to memory foam without paying for visco elastic technology. 

Reflex foam is bed bug resistant so ideal for allergy sufferers. Reflex is firmer than memory foam and bounces back (commonly used in orthopaedic mattresses, where as memory foam tends to mould to your body shape.