Mattress Information


According to the National Bed Federation a mattress needs to be changed every seven years. People often tend to keep the same mattress for too long, and only wait until they start having back pains and losing sleep before replacing them.

It’s always wise to have a little look around before choosing your new mattress as there are many different types with various different feels, different spring counts and different fillings. This page aims to provide you with some insight into the different mattresses available helping you make a more informed decision.

Too soft

Correct Support

Too firm


Latex is premium quality natural material it’s exceptionally durable & resilient with natural elasticity for bounce. Latex has anti-allergenic & anti-bacterial properties.

Reflex Foam

This foam has been especially designed to product the softest possible feel, it is highly resilient and has been treated with fire retardancy for safety.

Resilient Foam

provides a resilient and supportive surface feel.


Provides excellent levels of comfort and support

Soft white fibre

This is a dust free material providing softness and durability

Double Density Fibre

This durable pad is firmer at the base and soft towards the surface offering great support and posture aligning comfort.

Open Coils

Usually found in some of the cheaper mattress types, the open coil mattresses are made from one single wire looped around into a spring. And open coil mattresses springs are held together by one wire and because open coil springs are connected together, if you sleep with a partner, the pressure on one side can also affect the other side.

Pocket Springs

In pocket sprung mattresses the springs are sewn into individual pockets, this means they are not only protected leading to a longer mattress life but move independently, meaning pressure applied to certain areas of a mattress means not all the mattress is affected, ideal when sleeping with a partner. Pocket sprung mattresses are usually more expensive as they offer this extra support and comfort.