Get Your Children Asleep This Christmas

Over the next few weeks, you might realise how excited your children are. Too excited for Santa to come, too excited for their presents to arrive, too excited to play with all their new toys. Do you wish they would just go to sleep at a time you want them too? Here is a simple guide to help get your kids asleep this Christmas period.


1. The Threat – This may or may not work, simply threaten your children that Santa will not arrive until they are fast asleep. Let them know he checks, so can tell if they are pretending to be asleep. Like the old song Santa Claus says “He see’s you when you’re sleeping, he knows when you’re awake.” This hopefully will scare your child into sleeping as they think Santa is watching.



2. Avoid big meals and treats later than usual – This may be a tricky one as around Christmas time there are always sweets and chocolates lying around. However, avoid giving children sweets or a big meal close to bedtime.  Also avoid any caffeine related items 6 hours before bed, i.e carbonated drinks such as cola. This will help wind them down earlier, helping them get to sleep easier.

ban junk food3. Get Reading– Try to start a relaxing bedtime routine that lasts between 20 and 30 minutes and ends in your child’s bedroom. i.e. start a Christmas bedtime story downstairs, stop halfway through, then let them know the story will continue upstairs once they are in bed, this will help get them into bed and the story should help them drift off easier.

christmas tree of books

4. Set up a reward system leading up to Christmas Day – Each night leading up to Christmas day when your child goes to bed on time and stays there all night, he/she gets a star. Let them know if they get all the stars needed on Christmas day Santa will leave a special extra present, Then on this present write “This is your special prize for being a good girl/boy and sleeping every night for your parents.” This little incentive will get them excited for extra prizes or treats and hopefully should get them to sleep when you tell them too.

gold star reward6. Christmas PJ’s – Make sure your child is comfortable before sleeping. Clothes and blankets should not restrict movement, and the bedroom temperature shouldn’t be too warm or too cold. Making the room and your child as comfortable as can be will help them sleep better.

We hope these little tricks help get your children asleep in time for the big day, giving yourselves some relaxing time before the chaos of Christmas day.


Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year from us all at the Bed Factory Direct