Christmas & How It Affects Your Sleep!

Christmas is the busiest period of the year. For some people, the whole of December is filled with eating, drinking and overindulging. Nights out and dining out become more often with meeting up with old friends, work parties and families getting together, you will see yourself indulging in a lot more than usual. Many people only think that it will only result in gaining weight, which can be lost in a January diet, however, this affects more than you know, particularly your sleeping habits.

Alcohol – During Christmas, we all know there will be a little more alcohol involved than usual, and this may help you fall asleep initially, but later on, in the night, you will experience a more disturbed sleep than usual.  The alcohol prevents you from falling into a deep sleep, finding yourself waking up dehydrated and needing the toilet. A way to help prevent this would be to swap your alcoholic drinks to water a couple of hours before your night ends.

christmas fizz

Avoid Large Meals – Yes I know, the Christmas dinner is an exciting time for anyone, however overindulging and piling your plate up high will result in an uncomfortable sleep at night. Leaving you bloated and feeling ill. To avoid doing this, try eating light meals at regular intervals during the day. This will help you avoid piling your plate high, meaning you will eat what your stomach needs, not what your eyes want.

christmas dinner

Avoid caffeine – If you start to feel lethargic during the daytime from all the eating and drinking, DO NOT resort to coffee, or caffeine-filled drinks to stay awake. These interfere later at night when trying to fall asleep and stop you from getting a deep sleep. Resort to water or herbal teas instead.

We hope these tips help you to get a better night’s sleep over the busy period and remember to still enjoy this festive time.

We wish everyone a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year from, The Bed Factory Direct.