Divan Bases – What are the types?

Platform Top Divan Bases

A platform top is your standard divan base, available with drawer storage options this is the common base found in most households throughout the country. The flat platform surface will give your mattress a good balance enabling it to offer your body the support required. This surface really does have an effect on the overall feel of your mattress and the platform top allows your mattress to feel just as it should.

All our platform top models can be delivered with various storage option including a slider storage, two drawers to the side, two drawers to the end or four drawers. One key thing to take into account is that the two drawers to the end and the four drawer options are not available on a single sized base.

Bed Factory divan bases are delivered with standard castors (wheels) to the base of the bed. If you have a wooden flooring in the bedroom it may be better to have the bed fitted with glides. These glides will stop your bed from moving if your wheels will roll on your floor, these can be added to the checkout before you complete your purchase.


Sprung Divan Bases

We can also supply you with a sprung divan base if you enjoy a softer feeling to your mattress. By adding springs into the base of your divan your downward pressure applied to your mattress will transfer to the base if the top of your base is solid this will make the feel of the mattress firmer but not with a sprung base. By letting the base take weight through an internal spring it really does produce a lovely soft feeling to your mattress.

All our sprung divan beds come with a firm edge, these are recommended as the perimeter of the base is firm so you will not experience a sinking feeling at the edge of the bed.

Our sprung bases are available in a range of fabrics and can also be manufactured with storage options to further increase the functionality of this great base.

Reinforced Bases

We can also supply our customers with reinforced divan bases. We produce a lot of extra strong bases for the hotel industry and now offer this option to the general public. Re-enforced bases are extra strong with extra thick wood used in production, recommended for larger couples or bedrooms where durability is of greater importance.

As well as selling a re-enforced base as an individual item any of our divan beds can be made from the extra strong material. When looking through our divan bed section please keep in mind you can have any bed re-enforced for a small fee, all you would need to get in touch with our experienced Sales Team to arrange.

These strong bases typically take a day or two longer to produce our schedule but can still generally be delivered within around 4-5 working days direct to your bedroom.

Split Divan Bases

Many of our customers come to the Bed Factory for split bases, single bases can be halved and larger sizes quartered for a unique accessibility solution. In many homes, door frame sizes or sharp turns in the home can present problems in getting a large divan base in the bedroom. If you have experienced any issues in the past with getting a divan bed into your home a split base is the solution for you.

We offer the best split divan base service in the country, by coming to Bed Factory Direct and dealing with us you get options not offered by a traditionial bed retailer found on the high street. If you have a country home, cottage, small flat or boat, we supply our split divans all over the UK for people with common and sometimes unique problems, we are focused on getting our product where it needs to be for your conveniance.