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Foods That Can Help You Sleep Better!

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Foods That Can Help You Sleep Better!

Did you know there are some foods that can help you have a better night’s sleep and also help you sleep your way slim? Try out these foods that should lead to a better night sleep for you and your family.

Kiwi Fruit.

Kiwis act as a sleep Influencer. According to some research done by the Taipei Medical University, “Numerous studies have revealed that kiwi fruit contains many medicinally useful compounds, among which antioxidants and serotonin may be beneficial in the treatment of sleep disorders.” Try eating 1 or 2 kiwis late evening, maybe after dinner and this could help you drift off better. Other benefits of Kiwi Fruit involve, High Source of Vitamin C, helps create beautiful skin and a Good Source of Dietary Fiber.


Struggling to think of dinner ideas as your too tired, Fish is the answer. Try eating some fish related meals of an evening, such as fresh Salmon or Tuna Fillet. Both of these apparently boast vitamin B6, which is needed to make melatonin, which is a sleep-inducing hormone triggered by darkness. Helping you have a peaceful night’s rest. Both Fish are high in protein too which is always beneficial.


Yoghurt, milk, cheese

According to various research, dairy products such as yoghurt or milk can boast healthy doses of calcium that helps the brain use the tryptophan found in dairy to manufacture sleep-triggering melatonin. Leading to a better night’s sleep for you.

Don’t be scared that Cheese gives nightmares, that’s just a myth, even adding some cheese into your dinner or having a glass of milk in the evening can help boost your calcium levels.


An unusual one I know, but according to studies white rice helps you fall into a deep sleep. It has a high glycemic index, so eating rice should help slash the time it takes you to fall asleep. I wouldn’t recommend eating bowls of rice right before bed, try incorporating it into your tea time meal and it should help you drift off better and faster. Remember White rice is a carbohydrate, so don’t overindulge, just make sure you exercise portion control.

If you have struggled at night drifting off it is worth giving these foods a try, who knows if they work for certain, but there’s no harm in trying them out. They might give you a great nights sleep after all.


Let us know if you tried these foods and did they affect your sleep for the better?

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