How do Ottoman Beds work? The Beginners Guide

At Bed Factory Direct we are in a unique position because we don’t just sell ottoman beds we manufacture them too.

We thought it would be a great idea to answer our customer’s questions about Ottomans.

How do Ottoman beds work?

Like an ottoman box, you lift the lid (mattress) to access the storage underneath. Ottomans are a great space saver and utilise under bed storage. Ottomans can either be a divan or a frame. Both have positives and negatives.

Are Ottoman beds heavy to lift?

Fitted with Gas lift pistons our Bed Factory Direct divans make lifting the lid (mattress) on your storage space easy. For easy moving, all our divans are fitted with castors as standard.

Which is better End Opening or Side Opening?

End Opening


Side Opening







Ottoman’s have two options for opening, they either open from the foot end or at the side.

With an End opening, you can access storage space from three sides. It doesn’t need a bumper to hold the mattress in place when lifting. A disadvantage is the feeling of a heavier lift due to the position of the pistons.

A Side opening will feel lighter to lift in comparison, is built with spacers to clear the headboard and has a bumper fitted to the side to prevent the mattress from slipping off. Great for bedrooms with limited floor space in front of the bed.

Are Ottoman beds safe?

After reading reports of trapped children and one case of death. Bed Factory Direct removed strap handles from all of our range. To lift we put a gap in the base to give easy access to gripping the lid. We don’t recommend ottomans for children’s bedrooms. Never leave a child or pet unsupervised with lifting equipment.

So, what are the best Ottoman beds?

An ottoman frame is available in a wide range of designs. Have a headboard included and will come with a solid or sprung slat base. The drawbacks are being flat packed and a longer assembly time. Ottoman frames don’t have a solid storage base, it is either open or cloth. Some frames are flat to the floor or on feet.

An ottoman divan doesn’t come with a headboard. Because of the solid construction, you will lose a little storage space. Assembly is around 15 minutes using a few brackets and a screwdriver. Ottomans have a solid base, providing secure storage.

We stock a wide range of ottomans from Birlea, GFW, Kaydian and ourselves.