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Mattress Types

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Mattress Types

Pocket Spring Mattresses

Pocket springs are the spring type of choice in all the top end beds. The springs are individually nested so each sleeper on the mattress will receive support based on their own weight and sleeping style.

Pocket spring mattresses contain individual springs all layered next to each other, these springs act individually and give your mattress something we call anti-roll. Consider you share a bed with your partner and they are of a heavier build, the only part of the mattress that will compress is the pocket springs directly under that person’s body weight. This will ensure your mattress won’t have a downward hill if your partner weighs more than you, as your sleeping area will remain unaffected.

With a pocket spring each person receives individual support based on their position, the more weight applied in certain areas will have the affected pockets reacting to the load and supporting your body. Various models are available to cater for everybody from the dreamiest soft pocket spring mattress to firm orthopaedic models in our collection.

Open Coil Mattresses

Open coil mattresses account for 49% of all mattresses sold in the UK according to the National Bed Federation. Open coil springs units can come with a variety of names such as PostureTech, Miracoil and Continuous Coil but for a few differences, they are essentially the same thing, a common spring interior.

Basically, open coil spring units consist of columns of springs all connected together to create the main interior of your mattress, the gauge of these coils determine how hard or soft your mattress will be, for example, a 12 gauge spring will be firmer than a 13.5 gauge spring. For clarity gauges work a bit back to front with open coil models, the smaller the gauge the firmer the spring.

But the spring is only half the story, we also have to take into consideration the fillings layered on the spring that will essentially give your new mattress its overall feel under your body. Open coil springs are generally great value for money hence its popularity and here at the Bed Factory, we manufacture a selection of mattresses for different needs.

The open coil is a very versatile spring; here we have a Sirrocco orthopaedic mattress for those needing a firmer support, or you can go for a mattress that includes lovely cushioned memory foam to the surface such as the Belmont if you are looking for a gentle softness in your mattress.

Memory Foam Mattresses

Developed originally by NASA memory foam was intended to cushion pilots and astronauts during hazardous trips, but the material feels so good some people decided it would be a great material for mattresses and they were not wrong.

Memory foam is a fantastic material for your mattress, it provides excellent pressure relief and a warming support. We have a selection of all memory foam mattresses that generally come rolled up in vacuum packaging, once opened the mattress foam expands to give you a durable, comfortable and relaxing place to sleep for many years. The only thing to take note of is that once opened a vacuum packaged mattress can take up to 48 hours to fully expand.

In addition to all foam mattresses, we also use memory foam as a filling in our pocket spring and open coil mattresses. These hybrid models are very popular as you can blend the fantastic properties of memory foam with a traditional spring interior.

All memory foam mattresses are available on a next day delivery service, models that need to be manufactured here at the Bed Factory generally can be delivered within 3-5 days of placing your order.

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