Ottoman Beds – Divan or Frame?

Ottoman Divans

Ottoman beds lift open and give you a handy storage area directly underneath your mattress. Ottoman beds can be split into two categories, ottoman divan beds and ottoman bed frames.

Ottoman divans arrive just like any standard divan bed, they all have a platform top and a solid flooring area to place your items neatly away. Minimal assembly is required with a divan ottoman bed, you need to place a few screws in specified places but assembly takes no longer than 15 minutes as the base in pre-built.

Delivered to room of choice as with all divan beds this is one of the more popular products people purchase from us.

Ottoman divan beds do not include a headboard unless specified, purchasing an ottoman divan is just like purchasing any divan bed but with the excellent storage feature provided.


Ottoman Bed Frames

We have a great selection of ottoman bed frames, some models come with a sprung base and many of the top end frames will come with a solid platform top. All ottoman bed frames arrive flat packed and will either be delivered to your door or to your room depending on the size of the bed. We supply many different brands such as Birlea, Kaydian, GFW and Serene.

Purchasing an ottoman bed frame follows the same procedure as ordering any standard frame, the only difference is the great storage area provided.

We would, in particular, recommended looking at the Kaydian ottoman frames, these are some of the best quality ottoman bed frames on the market in the UK and come with an excellent range of features.