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Should You and Your Partner Sleep Separate?

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Should You and Your Partner Sleep Separate?

Couples sleeping in separate beds seems like a thing of the past. However lately more and more couples confess to wishing they could sleep separately to their partner in order to get a better nights sleep. It is rumoured that our own Queen Elizabeth and Prince Phillip go their own ways each night, as well as other famous celebrity couples including Tim Burton and Helena Bonham Carter.

There are many ‘traditions’ that society feels everyone should conform to, however, as time changes people seem to just do what works for themselves and their relationship. Whether that be, sleeping in different beds, rooms or even different houses, what works for one couple may not work for another and that’s fine. However, having said that, while partners may get better quality sleep by being in their own bed, surely this could have an effect on the relationship? Some researchers say that you’ll miss out on that surge of oxytocin, which is a feel-good hormone released with skin-on-skin contact, like cuddling or spooning, which can strengthen the bond between two people. For this reason, we at ‘The Bed Factory Direct’ create the perfect beds and mattresses to keep both parties happy.

We create 2 in 1 mattresses that both couple members can pick what they like best. These then can be zipped together to create a 1 mattress feel. If one person prefers a hard feel whilst the other prefers a memory foam feel we can create this for you. Or if one partner has back problems and requires an orthopaedic mattress whilst the other desires a pocket sprung mattress, this is no problem for us. We can create what to you wish.

 Have your tried separate sleeping? let us know your thoughts below.

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