Struggling to Sleep in the Hot Weather?

Hot weather sleep problems

Hot weather is fantastic, however, it can have a profound effect on out sleep.

If you are struggling to sleep in the hot weather here is Bed Factory Direct’s Survivors guide. We asked around the office and across our social channels and here are the best tips.

1. Stay Hydrated

water- sleep

Seems simple, however, we have a terrible habit of not drinking enough fluids. Dehydration causes many side effects – hunger, light headed, headaches and in severe cases delirium. Am I dehydrated? Not to be too indelicate but your wee will be an amber colour. If you are hydrated, your wee will be a straw colour. Incidentally, if your wee is colourless, you are drinking too much.

You should reduce or eliminate alcohol and caffeine from your diet in prolonged hot weather bouts. Both act as a diuretic this means more trips to the bathroom and losing vital fluids.

2. Keep Your Bedroom Cool

Open windows - sleep

As soon as you get home from work, open as many windows as you can downstairs and upstairs, hot air rises and will pull cooler air in from downstairs (convection currents). If you can keep curtains or blinds partly drawn this will help reflect the sun. Tiled rooms will be cooler e.g. Bathroom and kitchens so leave their doors open to help with air circulation. Turn off all non-essential electricals – yes take the TV off standby, unplug the phone charger, they all generate heat. It will also help save on your electricity bill!

If you have fans use them, it is worth trying them at floor level to help circulate the cooler air. A trick we have seen is to put a frozen bottle of water a little distance in front and as it melts it cools the air.

3. Bed Linen

Pillow - sleep

Don’t sleep on top of duvets as you will only be warming yourself from underneath! Strip your bed down, cool cotton sheets, cotton pillowcases – we have had a few recommendations for putting pillowcases in the fridge an hour or so before bedtime. Change your pillows, try a feather pillow as opposed to polyester, exchange a memory foam for latex, both examples don’t retain heat.

4. Cool yourself down

We’ve had a lot of recommendations for cold showers, however, this is counterproductive. The shock of the cold will make your body shiver to produce heat and make you warm again. Opt for a tepid shower or bath instead, this will cool you, however, will not shock your body. Even try a tepid flannel over the forehead and eyes when going to sleep. When it comes to bedtime, if you don’t sleep naked, opt for a loose cotton T-shirt, shorts, nightie. We lose 60% of our body heat through our head and feet, so uncover the feet, put cold water in the hot water bottle (yes, you have read that right) and place at the bottom of your bed.  If like me you have long hair, pull it back, part it, plait it, yes you’ll look like Pippi Longstocking but frankly if you’re cool who cares!

5. Might be time to change the mattress?

Latex foam icon Sealy Adaptive icon

If you have an old mattress, and it makes you feel hot when you sleep, it is probably time to change. Opt for a damask or Tencel fabric cover, choose a latex or the new generation memory foam that has thermoregulating properties like the Adaptive technology. A popular choice is our Remy Latex 1500.

We would love to hear if any of these tips help you in getting a good night’s sleep or if you have any other suggestions that we can add to the list. Sweet dreams all.