Ways to get the perfect sleep!

Many people struggle to sleep every night, leaving them feeling groggy and moody the next day, which no one wants, do they? Apparently, ten million prescriptions for sleeping pills are written every year,  we shouldn’t have to depend on any medication to make us sleep. There are various different natural remedies and tricks to help everyone get a better night’s sleep, leaving you feeling refreshed and awake ready to tackle the day ahead.

Here are a few steps we have put together to try and help you gain a better nights sleep.


Yoga has been around for a long time, however, within the past 2 years we have seen more and more yoga clubs pop up all around the UK with people jumping on the trend. According to ‘Fitness Magazine’ yoga moves will relax your body and mind, meaning you can ease into a restful night, the best part is that you can do them all in bed!

Here are some simple poses to try. Practice each pose for 1-2 minutes and relax properly into each one. Ensure you breathe gently through the nose and out the mouth and close your eyes for the duration of the pose.


Turn off all Electronics

The earlier you start relaxing, the easier it will be to sleep when you want too, you cant just turn sleep on and off when you wish. Settling down a little earlier will help you. Try to start to wind down an hour before going to bed, turning away from all electronic screens, social media and work.

Mobile phone screens actually trigger your brain to stay awake. The blue light can trick you into thinking that it’s daytime. If you feel that using your phone before you go to bed is a way for you to relax make sure to turn the light mode to a warmer ‘blue light reduction’ and don’t do anything engaging or stressful such as social media or emails, that may trigger your mind to run overtime. Instead, engage in things that make you more relaxed like calming videos, playing sleep games, or some light reading that will help you drift off better.


Avoid Caffeine

Most people need a caffeine boost in the morning, however, you need to keep it to a morning time. It is recommended that you only drink caffeine drinks up to midday after then switch to decaf, hot chocolate or green tea types if you feel like a hot drink. Caffeine does stick in your system hours after you’ve felt the effects, which can lead you lying wide awake of a night time.

You can also try exercising in the afternoon/ early evening time, which will give you a boost in metabolism and energy in the short term and make it easier to sleep when night approaches, as your body has worked out it is more tired and will want to get to sleep faster.

Buy the Perfect Mattress

You wouldn’t run a marathon without the right equipment, right? So why do many people spend a most of their lives sleeping on the wrong mattress or bed? The secret to a perfect night sleep is quite simple, get the perfect bed, which you get excited to jump back into every evening!

Don’t blame your budget for continuing to sleep on old, uncomfortable mattresses, splash out and get a new mattress; with various benefits of a good night sleep such as weight loss, a longer life and a good memory, there shouldn’t be a price tag on a good night’s sleep.

Having the wrong or old mattress can cause more damage to your physical body, which personally I wouldn’t risk. Taking some time to research into mattresses, finding out what suits your body type, age and lifestyle really help and we at the Bed Factory Direct would love to assist you to find your perfect new bed, which you will not want to part with every morning.

If you are wondering “how do I choose a new mattress” call our customer service helpline (0800 138 8288) where we have numerous experts who can help you figure out the best choice for you, we also have a live chat on our website with agents always a fingertip away.