The Bed & Mattress Size Guide

Mattress Sizes

You need a new mattress, but your not sure what size your existing mattress is, or maybe what size would best fit your bed frame, or divan base.

To help simplify your decision making process we have created this quick guide to get you on track.

As a bed and mattress manufacturer we know a thing or two about sizes because we make mattresses every day. Bed Factory mattresses are based on standard UK mattress sizes.

Bed frames are often measured slightly differently which causes confusion. All our bed frames and divan beds are measured using simple feet and inches. Although this is a bit old fasioned, we find this the simplest way to ensure people select the correct sizes for their frames.

Example: If you select a 4ft6 Double bed frame from our bed frames section, then any 4ft6 Double Bed Factory mattress will fit.

Of course we can't speak for all bed companies, but as a manufacturer selling for over 30 years, we like to keep things simple. For extra assurance, you can check the instruction guides for he majority of our frames if you need exact internal measurements.

So althought the frame sizes might be wider or longer, the space for the mattress is always the same.

Lets talk cm's

The table below gives you the actual cm conversions for standard UK mattresses sizes:
Mattress SizesFeet / InchesInchesCm's
 Small Single  2ft6" x 6ft3"  30" x 75"  75 x 190cm
 Single  3ft0" x 6ft3"  36" x 75"  90 x 190cm
 Small Double  4ft0" x 6ft3"  48" x 75"  120 x 190cm
 Double  4ft6" x 6ft3"  54" x 75"  135 x 190cm
 King Size  5ft0" x 6ft6"  60" x 78"  150 x 200cm
 Super King Size  6ft0" x 6ft6"  72" x 78"  180 x 200cm
Bed Factory mattress sizes guide


Ikea Mattress Sizes

This also brings us on to ikea sized mattresses and beds. Ikea use slightly different cm sizes, although they still often use the terms single, double and king size, the actual length & width in cm's is slightly shorter, see the table below.

Single 200 90
Double 200 140
King 200 160
Super King 200 180


What is the biggest size mattress you can get?

The world is your oyster! Or should we say the size of your bedroom is your oyster. We have made many sized mattress, some very small and some large. The sizes bigger than superking are named Emporer and Caesar size.

In these sizes our customers want the matching base to fit, so we have two products, the emperor size divan bed and the caesar size divan bed. These mattresses are 7ft (213cm) and 8ft (243cm) wide respectively offering pure luxury, if you have the room for them.

The mattresses are zipped together making them easier to fit through doors, narrow hallways and into your room of choice. The bases are custom made to fit these mattresses and also come in two parts for easier installation


If your still unsure what mattress size to buy, call our friendly sales team on 0800 138 8288, we can make any size mattress you need, whether this is for your bed, caravan or boat.

Also check out our custom mattresses, with over 150 different sizes to choose from there is something for everyone.