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Sealy are one of the biggest manufacturers of beds in the world with networks extending to the USA and Australia. Because of their popularity globally they can call upon and implement the best technological advancements in sleep technology and bring them to customers here in the UK.

Sealy beds not only look great in any style bedroom but provide you that brilliant night’s sleep you’re looking for, whether you require superb back support or soft comfort, Sealy have a bed suitable for everyone. Because of their popularity globally a Sealy bed is sold every 3 seconds somewhere in the world. Sealy are also endorsed by the Orthopaedic advisory board, Allergy UK and Which? Best Buy, meaning they always lead the way in technological advancements and research.

Sealy work with the American Orthopaedic Advisory board, meaning they are always at the front of up and coming new “sleep technology”. The pressure mapping programs used ensure that Sealy mattresses offer superb support in all the right places. Sealy also work very closely with Allergy UK, statistics show that nearly 1 in 4 people suffer with house dust mites, Sealy beds prevent dust mites from making a home in your nice new bed. In our Bed Factory Aintree store we have a deeper sleeper zone for you to view the range of Sealy beds and mattresses, whether it be a full divan with storage or just a mattress.
Sealy Ranges Sealy Posturepedic range.

To help with the common problems of tossing and turning in bed Sealy have their own Posturepedic range of mattresses that are specifically designed to offer the correct support and a great night’s sleep.

Sealy Anniversary Collection

Sealy's best selling mattress the Jubilee superior is built with a zonal structure with mini pocket springs coming together to create the PostureTech 660 spring system, meaning the best night’s sleep possible offering pressure relief and full edge to edge support across the surface of the mattress. The Sealy Jubilee mattress contains a layer of latex for a comfy and cool nights sleep. And the Sealy Ortho is ideal for those of larger stature who want a firm night’s sleep. All the mattresses in this collection contain Sealy Smart Fibres and Tencel, an amazingly soft fabric which is eco friendly and also helps prevent dust mites.

Sealy Ortho Collection

The Orthopaedic mattresses from Sealy are designed specifically for those who need a firmer night’s sleep, drawing on Sealys experience and heritage, they have engineered the perfect firmer sleeping surface that still remains extremely comfortable.

The National Bed federation is the recognised trade that represent the UK manufacturers of beds and mattresses. One of Sealy’s priorities is to develop the best quality products, assuring all products are safe for customers. Sealy are members of the NBF (national bed federation) committing to meeting the strict UK quality and flammability regulations.

Meaning you can sleep safe in the knowledge you are sleeping on a quality bed and mattress manufactured to the highest of standards.