Space Saving Bases.

As a manufacturer of bases, Bed Factory can customize your needs for storage. Below are some of different ways you can save space and create storage space. From Divan beds with drawers to Ottoman beds that lift up for easy storage under the bed.


Create more space with a Divan Bed. Our range of divan beds can provide a great space saving solution by incorporating draws. Draws can be either a single draw, two draw up to four drawers (depending on the bed size) Here at Bed Factory we can manufacturer bases specific to customer requirements right here in our factory. We have various size bed bases available from single to super king size. Some models have the option of a sprung base for extra comfort. In sprung bases the base top is covered with springs, and not only provides extra comfort and support but also extends the life span of your mattress.

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Ottoman beds are ideal for small rooms, and can offer more space than drawers because the whole base area can reveal a generous area for storage.  Often people worry that lifting the bed will be difficult but Ottomans often use hydraulic systems making lifting the bed a lot easier, just pull up from the handle and the hydraulics will do the work.  Ottomans are also more advantageous because bulkier items can be stored. Ottomans are also great for smaller rooms because there is no need for drawers to be pulled out.

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A spare room is a great place for an office, for storage space or a room for guests to stay. Here at Bed Factory we provide a range of guest beds that not only allow one person to sleep, but some have pull out mattresses included so you get a double bed or 2 single sized. You may not have a spare room for visitors, with a guest bed this isn’t a problem because guest beds can conveniently be stowed away and set up anywhere. Because here at Bed factory we can manufacture bed bases, we can actualy make any divan bed into a guest bed. 

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