The highest quality divan beds and mattresses, Vispring provide the best of British excellence...



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Welcome to our selection of Vispring beds and mattresses. Choose from an amazing selection of divans from the Heral with its full sheep fleece or a dual layers calcio pocket Tiara divan bed. 

Each Vispring divan bed is hand crafted using only tried and tested techniques and amazing materials. Divan beds provide the perfect platfom for your mattress, and with Vispring offering a fully lined sprung base option, the choices to get an even softer feel to your bed are here.

Vispring Mattress

Vispring Luxury Mattresses 

Feel the unimagninable comfort from a whole British sheeps fleece, quality sourced and manufactured in the UK.

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Why Vispring? 


Watch just how a Vispring mattress is manufactured in their factory. You will see calico pocket springs being produced, how the mattresses are filled with sheeps fleece and also how bed bases are manufactured. As each Vispring mattresses is hande made, be assured your new mattress will follow through the exact same process, and will meet the highest of expectations.

Vispring displays cutting edge mattress production techniques alongside more traditional practises such as stitching by hand, which can never be beaten in our experience.



The History of Vispring?

Vispring was founded in 1901 and was the first UK company to use the newly patented pocket spring. The word even harps back to the turn of the century as the word vi, being the roman numeral for six, as each pocket had six coils. Vispring quickly built a very great reputation of exellence and were favoured in many high end establishments and became the luxury mattress of choice in the early 20th century. 

Did you know Vispring beds are sold in over 60 countries and actually supplied the mattresses for the 1st class cabins in the Titanic? Yes, the luxury cabins and 1st class quarters of the Titatnic actually featured Visping mattresses proving that this high quality reputation has lasted for over 100 years.

Best of British

With it's long established reputation and worldwide acnowledgement. Vispring have been at the forefront of British mattress manufacturing for over 100 years, continuously making some of the most desirable mattresses in the world.

Natural Fillings

With a natural cotton blanket and a whole sheeps flecce, all Vispring materials are ethically sourced. All the wool used in each Vispring mattress is from the UK and the greatest care is taken choosing which fillings pass the test to be allowed inside a Vispring mattress.