What is a Divan Bed

Very simply put a divan bed is a rectangular wooden bed base with a mattress on the top. The base of your divan is always upholstered in a fabric such as leather, suede or linen and always includes a mattress.

Pro's of a divan?

  • Base and mattress Included
  • Very sturdy
  • Very easy to set up
  • Delivered to room of choice
  • Storage options
  • Fabric options
  • Flexible Sizes

Divan beds are always named after the mattress you sleep on, so if we have a Midford mattress for example and this is on a divan base, this becomes the Midford divan bed.


Here is our Midford Divan.

Midford divan bed

Base Fabrics - Divan bed bases can come in a variety of fabrics to suit your own personal tastes. Click on the fabric swatch below to see a selection of different colour fabrics on the Midford divan

sand divan bed fabric Black Divan Fabric teal divan bed fabric aubergine divan bed fabric Brown divan fabric charcoal divan fabric

Sizes - Divan beds are available in standard single (3'0 x 6'3"), small double (4'0 x 6'3"), double (4'6 x 6'3"), king size (5'0 x 6'6") and super king (6'0 x 6'6") sizes. Also as we will discover below you can have a divan bed in any custom size.

Storage Options - All divan beds come with storage options. You can have a standard divan bed with two or four drawers if you require extra storage space. Divans can also be turned into ottoman beds, these lift up and provide more storage space within the divan unit itself.

Here at the bedfactory we know all about divan beds, well we should as we manufacture them. So do keep in mind these are typical sizes, you can have your divan manufactured in any size you want.



 A Platform Top

Platform top divan bed

 Divan Beds also come with a platform top, this is a great supportive feature and one which we recommend. I remember looking after my nephew when he was younger and as all kids do they occasionally like to run upstairs and have a quick bounce on the bed, who can blame them? Well on this occasion I went upstairs and my wooden bed frame slats were all over the place. You never get this problem with a divan base as we have no moving parts here to bounce around.

You can have them reinforced

If you have the need for your platform top to be reinforced this is also possible. the top of the base will be manufactured from a solid plywood. This again favour compared to slatted bed frames which can often snap against heavy weight or unruly bouncing children.

What are these feet called?

Okay we have two standard types of divan feet, 1st we have something called castors. Castors are just wheels, so think of castor wheels, and these are recommended it you have a carpet in your bedroom as it will allow you to move the bed easily if you ever need to. The next feet we have are called glides, see these shiny chrome feet on the pictured, well these are glides and they are preferred for wooden floors as they do not move as easily compared to the castor wheels.


Cons's of a divan


 Well as much as we love our divan beds, the do have some cons.

  • Bulky, they can be awkward to get around tight corners
  • They make your mattress feel firmer compared to wooden slats
  • The headboards are bought separate
  • Metal or wooden beds do come in more styles, it lose out on aesthetics.


So our divan bed can not really match some elegant metal beds in the looks department, of which there are many different types to cater for many different tastes and styles. Would it be wrong to describe a divan bed as functional? How about boring? Yes I could agree to some extent that a standard divan bed could be a bit boring, but they can also be fantastic as they are very flexible.

As a manufacturer of divan beds we find it fun to look at some of the cons with divan beds and try to overcome them. 

So let's have a look at some of the things we try to do to fight back against the disadvantages of divan beds.


 A Bed Frame

Metal Bed



Splitting a divan base and Custom Sized divans

Split Divan Base


In the past if you wanted a bed in the attic or loft, or had a very tight squeeze to get into the bedroom you had no option but to purchase a bed frame. Bed frames come in boxes, you would need to take the boxes to your room and then assemble the bed frame piece by piece. So we started to manufacture our own split divan bases. These divan bases can be quartered or halved, spit into four or even split into six pieces. As we manufacture these bases you can have the base in as many pieces as you like

See the gold bars?

Split bases are connected together by joining bars, these metal brackets keep all standard divans together and it is no different for the split divan. So if you have your base split the bars will keep the bed compact and it will perform just like an ordinary divan base.

Custom Sizes

Here at the bed factory we can make any custom size divan bed or mattress as long as it is an increment of three inches. We make beds in feet and inches here and always work to three inches.So the width of a standard single beds is 3'0, you can have the size adjusted to  3'3 or 3'6 inches for example. And is getting a custom sized divan bed a headache or take months to make? No simply place your order and it will be manufactured along with all the other beds and delivered in a timely fashion.

A Solution for some

Every bed serves a purpose and every person has their own preferences. Split bases and custom sizes are here to help people overcome accessibility issues such as a spiral staircase or simply making better use of your bedroom space with an alternative size bed.


 Headboard not included

 When you purchase a divan bed you will notice it does not come with a headboard these are always purchased separate. When you buy a bed frame you always get a headboard, it is included in the construction of the frame itself.

But you cant change headboards on a bed frame

 Again these divan beds are really flexible, any standard sized headboard will fit onto your divan bed. If you ever feel like a change you can simply purchase another headboard. When you have a bed frame you can not swap headboards, in this scenario you will be purchasing a new bed and not just a headboard.

Also we can have fabric, metal or wooden headboards on our divan bed, so it again proves its flexibility here.

Headboard Bolts

When you get a new divan bed they always arrive with headboard bolts. These screws are used when fixing a headboard to the back of your divan bed, when you get your bed delivered check the fabric of the base for little sticks marking the location for you to fix the heabords on.

 Put a different headboard on your bed

A Sprung Divan Base

Sprung Base


Okay so wooden slats in bed frames do make your mattress feel softer as they absorb your pressure when you lie on a mattress. A lot here depends on how firm your mattress actually is. I have a divan bed and a medium firm mattress, I guess if i put it on a bed frame it would feel a lot softer. As explained platform tops divan beds do not having moving parts so all the comfort you receive will be directly from your mattress.

Go Super Soft

Okay so what do we do if you want a super soft base and a divan? Well we simply make your divan base loaded up with more bouncy springs, surely bed bouncing heaven for kids. This has a dramatic effect on your mattress and really gives it a soft feel.

Don't Roll Off - Get a Firm Edge

Okay we have two different types of sprung base, a full sprung base and one called a firm edge. The firm edge base is the best, the divan retains a platform around the perimeter so when you sit on the edge of the bed you do not slide of due to spring compression. A full sprung base is a bit too springy when you sit on the edge so not one we really like to recommend.


Purchasing a divan bed comes with some great benefits. When you purchase a divan bed you can actually save money as you get your mattress included. If you purchase a bed frame you have to also purchase a mattress so you are purchasing two seperate items instead of a set.

Let's have a look at a cheap divan bed and compare this against purchasing a bed frame and a mattress.


A Double Mistral Divan - You save nearly £100 when buying a divan

Bed Base and Mattress - Buying a cheap double divan bed such as the Mistral will only cost you £199 for both a divan base and mattress.

Divan Base Only Cost - If you purchase a double bed base only the cost is £158.99.

Mattress Only Cost  - A double Mistral mattress alone costs £139

Bought separately - £297.99

Bought as a set  - £199


So we know when we buy a divan bed we are getting excellent value for money. Lets compare this price with the cheapest bed frame on the website. What if we want to buy a Mistral mattress and the cheapest metal bed frame on our website.

Cheapest Double Bed Frame =  £80

Mattress Only Cost = £139

Total = £219




Cheap divan bed