Feel weightlessness in your body and mind as you drift off to sleep. Sonlevo mattresses are designed to provide cooler night’s sleep, and to offer advanced pressure relief and superior support.


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Sonlevo Gel Mattresses

Better sleep for body and soul. From side-sleepers to star-fishers, nappers and night owls, to those who suffer in pain - Sonlevo help everyone sleep their best.

TRUE GEL Technology

Sonlevo Mattresses are the first of their kind to feature TRUE GEL technology. A gel grid made from 80% air, providing breathable support and responsiveness - ensuring maximum comfort and regulated temperature

The Sonlevo Difference

Made In Britain

Sonlevo is a family business, and proudly design and manufacture all of their mattresses in West Yorkshire.

30 years of sleep science

Sonlevo have been honing their craft and refining their products for over 30 years, creating a collection of mattresses designed using innovative design and materials.

Something for everyone

Small but mighty, Sonlevo have create a concise range of products with solutions to assist every sleeper get a comfortable nights sleep.