Bed Factory manufacture a large range of single, double and king size headboards for sale. Each headboard is handcrafted in many fabrics, colours and heights here in the UK. We also supply wooden and metal headboards from the world's biggest brands but at low prices.

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Choosing A Headboard

Choosing a headboard with Bed Factory Direct is easy. The first thing you should know, is all of our headboards are available in the same, huge selection of fabrics and colours as our divan beds. This, along with multiple height options for each headboard, including floor standing, gives you complete control over the final design of your bed.

So, with our entire selection of headboards being available in lots of colours, sizes and fabrics - the most important thing to choose is your design! We have lots of designs available, some with additional extras such as diamond studs and rivets. Whether modern or traditional, we're sure you'll find a beautiful headboard to suit your space.

Standard Headboards

Most standard (or strutted) headboards come with multiple height options, and are attached to the bed using supplied wooden struts. This is generally a more cost effective option as it uses less fabric and materials.

Another benefit of strutted headboards is that the height can be adjusted, so that if you ever get a taller or shorter mattress, the gap can be concealed by moving the headboard up or down.

Floor Standing Headboard

If you're looking for a luxury finish, or you want a freestanding bed - you might want to consider a floor standing headboard. Floor standing headboards offer a lot more stability as not only do they support their own weight, they also increase the structural integrity of your bed.

Some floor standing headboards also have wings, providing a luxury finishing touch to your bed, and giving a more complete, bed frame type look.