Bed Size Guide

Before choosing your bed, one of the key considerations you have to take into account is the size.

Our sizes are based on standard UK bed sizes

Bed sizes can vary depending on the country or manufacturer. Beds in the UK are manufactured in six standard sizes, from the single to super king size.

Helping you size things up

The handy diagram and table below explain the difference between each size.

bed size guide


Purchasing a standard size provides great convenience, as you will find accessories such as headboards and bedding follow these standard sizes; ensuring everything fits perfectly together. 

Bed Size

Feet / Inches



Small Single

2ft6" x 6ft3"

30" x 75"

75 x 190cm


3ft0" x 6ft3"

36" x 75"

90 x 190cm

Small Double

4ft0" x 6ft3"

48" x 75"

120 x 190cm


4ft6" x 6ft3"

54" x 75"

135 x 190cm

King Size

5ft0" x 6ft6"

60" x 78"

150 x 200cm

Super King Size

6ft0" x 6ft6"

72" x 78"

180 x 200cm

Custom Sized Beds

If you have the need for a larger bed or have an odd-shaped room, you may need a bed that does not follow the standard size rules. We manufacture divan beds and headboards in over 120 different sizes and these beds can be found in our custom-sized bed category. 

In the past ordering odd-sized beds may have been a lengthy, expensive and complicated process. We offer a huge variety of choices to suit our customers, so we manufacture our beds to order; this means your custom sized bed can be produced just as quickly as any other. 

If you're fed up with your feet hanging out the bed or just want the extra space to stretch out, a custom-sized bed may be for you.

Divan Base Heights

Bed Factory manufactured divan beds come in standard sizes. For example a standard platform top divan bed will have a 14 inch base, when you include a wheel (castor) this takes the total height to 15.5 inches. Castors add around 1.5 inches to the height of a base. Please also take into consideration the depth of your mattress, we supply various size mattresses ranging from Six to Twelve inches, if you require any assistance please get in touch with us and we will be happy to answer any queries regarding divan bases.

Divan Base Type

Height in Inches

Platform Top

15.5” (including casters)

Drawer Base

15.5” (including casters)

Ottoman Base

15.0” (including casters)

High Divan Base

20.0” (including casters)

Custom Divan

15.5” (including casters)