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About Sleepeezee Beds & Mattresses

Through the use of constant development and innovation, Sleepeezee have grown to be one of the biggest bed manufacturers in the world. Every mattress is produced in their factory in Kent where their team spend all day making quality mattresses to a set of premium standards, and have been doing so since the early 1900’s.

Sleepeezee quality control every mattress made to insure it meets the standards of their customers, this constant investment in the mattresses they product help secure their place as one of the best manufacturers in the UK

Here at Bed Factory, as a manufacturer ourselves we understand the importance of quality and have therefore been chosen by Sleepeeezee to supply their exclusive internet range of beds and mattresses.

Sleepeezee have also received the royal warrant of the Prince of Wales, certainly a mark of quality and reassurance when you buy any Sleepeezee product, producing great quality and low prices.

Sleepeezee Divan Beds

We are proud to offer a range of Sleepeezee divan beds in different styles and sizes, with the addition of storage options there is something for every style bedroom. With different fabrics and sizes available from single divan beds to king. Each Divan bed offers its own unique support system, whether this be pocket springs or memory foam support. Sleepeezee also offer a number of other naturally sourced fillings that all go to make an extremely comfortable divan bed.

Sleepeezee Mattresses

The internet range of Sleepeezee mattresses are all handcrafted to excellence and use only the finest of upholstery and fillings. FIllings including wool, latex, memory foam, cashmere and silk, each ingredient all going to make the most comfortable mattress possible. Sleepeezee mattresses all come with various spring count options, so there is something for everyone.

Layers Of Wool

Wool is great for insulation offering warmth in the winter but keeping you cool in the summer. The properties of wool allow the easy evaporation of water particles, meaning any moisture leaves the mattress and leaves you cool and dry all night. Wool also adds to the comfort feel of the mattress.